Why Only Paint The Inside Of Your Home?

eicó colour cool breeze - exterior paint used in Fulham house - Felden Street

Colour: eicó u29 agate

Here at eicó paints we have a wide selection of paints for the exterior of your homes, our exterior paint is one of the most durable on the market, ideal for homes exposed to the bad weather, sea and other elements. However, choosing the right exterior paint for your home can be tricky so we have put together a few examples for you below;

We know what a traditional homes looks like but some of the most interesting exterior colour schemes for a home come when you turn the traditional style on its head. Instead of going for a plain white opt for a b7 lilac with a brighter turquoise, green or blue on window frames, shutters and front doors.

It’s great to go bold but don’t go to bold, classic home styles with a o21 homestream and o18 chartwell grey can look very traditional but not over powering when matched with a e27 flower pot or a braver e23 jacko lantern.

The primary colours of Red (e26 bus stop), Yellow (g19 chawka gull) and Blue (c19 blue yonder) are rarely used together but actually they are naturally complimentary colours that can be used together. The neutral blue shade offers a nice base, with yellow used sparingly, popping against some splashes of red (also used sparingly).

When you choose one paint colour for the exterior of your home it can look boring or dated so try different shades of the same colour. For example c11 fleet, c17 baltic sea and h12 johan with a h17 moscow door to add an extra highlight and make the door really stand out.

It’s a good idea to check out the landscape too, look at the area around your home and you will be left with two options – match the scenes of the beach with u29 agate, e8 sunset and c11 fleet, or if you’re in the woods opt for k25 wood stock and k24 turtle. Alternatively you can do the opposite to stand out from the landscape, opting for colours like g18 summer plum or b7 lilac that cannot be seen in the landscape around your home.

These are just some of the ideas we have had for painting the exterior of your home, have you seen and colours or styles on the exterior of homes that you really liked?

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