What’s with the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Paint logos?

What’s with the Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Paint logos?

Well of course it is all about underlining and further endorsing our green credentials!

  1. Clean Air: Iceland has been ranked as one of the cleanest and non polluted environments in the world – that is of course so long as the local volcano is not deciding to spew forth its guts, but even when it did earlier this year, fortunately for Iceland, the majority of the volcanic ash was borne away towards Europe and USA and not did not directly impact on Iceland itself.
  2. Clean Water: Again Iceland competes alongside Tasmania, and New Zealand for the crown of having the cleanest water in the world.
  3. Clean Paint: Set in this environment, it can be no wonder that we turn out Clean Paint, particularly when you realise that water is the principal ingredient found in paint. The factory uses totally clean energy – being a mix of hydropower and geo-thermal , and furthermore the factory has passed its Green Book-keeping audit
  4. As you may be beginning to understand, we take our pledge to the environment extremely seriously – that is why we have registered the Trade Mark for eicó as being “Paints that don’t cost our Earth”.

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