Transform furniture with a lick of paint

Our top tips on how to make old furniture look like new

Before purchasing a new piece of furniture, have you considered transforming the pieces you already have? Maybe it crossed your mind but it seemed too tricky or too much hassle. Not so!

Not only is it kinder on your bank balance but it’s deeply rewarding too and it’s really not as hard to do as you may think!

From a tired old piece you wish to bring up-to –date to recent boot sale or antiques fair purchase, follow our top tips on how to lovingly wow your home, yourself and friends with a simple but dramatic bit of DIY!

Primer furniture chestofdrawers Yellowshades
  1. Sounds obvious but be sure of the look you are trying to achieve. If your furniture is smooth and very modern, it never going to lend itself to a chabby chic/distressed look…

  2. Choose your finish and colour. For rustic country style look, try our natural hues, d3 wedgwood green or k24 turtle green. For rich classic creams, a17 sawdust or the a8 stone for beige and for timeless natural grey blues, c21 bluegrass and new c22 island blue. Socialite n22 or snowdrop b5 offers a gentle but mouthwatering candy pink shade.

  3. If it’s a bold and smooth you seek, try our sleek Gloss finish and go for brights! Ideal as statement pieces against modern interiors or plain walls, brights are especially stimulating for toddlers and children’s bedrooms. Browse our striking greens; k25 wood stock, or for bright blues, new h27 haapsalu or exotic deep g22 blue suede. Bright yellows? G19 chawka gul and g20 miro take some beating!

  4. Ensure surfaces are stable, firm, dry, clean, grease and dust-free. Also ensure the floor beneath the furniture is well protected.

  5. Primer – essential if you wish to achieve a quality finish. A primer adheres to a surface and forms a binding layer that is better receptive to paint. It also fills and improves a surface. Our new ican primer is perfect for the job. Apply in thin layers, one should do but two to be sure. Once completely dry…

  6. Arm self with chosen eicó paint colour and brush and go forth to create and transform your furniture into the beautiful piece it deserves to be! Simple!

  7. Stand back, admire your handy work. Be proud!

Insider tip. For more a truly authentic distressed look, take a clear wax candle or crayon and rub on the furniture accents you wish the paint to avoid and highlight – ie panel frame outers, carved details etc. Send us your pics and we’ll pop them on the blog!

Don’t forget eicó offer a colour matching service and can create a perfectly bespoke shade to match your exact requirements.

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