To Self Build & Design: Add Shimmer and Glamour with Metallic Paints

What better way to completely redefine an outdated interior decor and add instant style than with a fresh coat of paint? If you fancy a modern look for your home with lots of fashionable shine and depth to it, painting with a metallic finish is a distinct design approach worth considering. In fact, SelfBuild & Design Magazine is on the same page on its October 2012 issue as it features eicó metallic paint finishes in Nickel, Topaz and Bollywood. According to the glossy magazine, painting the walls with eicó metallic paints brings that glamorous sheen not easily achieved with other paint finishes.

Metallic paints are very effective for giving your room a modern look, without resorting to major renovation or purchase of expensive contemporary furnishings. An alternative to normal paints, metallic finishes add a whole new level of visual interest not just to walls and spaces but to just about any element in your home interior. If you let your imagination run its course, the possibilities are endless.

A touch of eicó  Alcro Metallic in Pink Champagne or Sapphire creates an extra dimension of brilliance that shimmers under natural and artificial light, an effect that looks sophisticated day in and day out. With the Autumn and Winter months on it’s way, the exquisite sheen of a metallic finish looks particularly gorgeous under candle light, producing soft comforting glow and delicate ambiance. Apply shimmery metallic paints to your hallways, bathroom, living room and other ‘high traffic’ areas of your home to inject sparkle and shimmer. For a really intense and dramatic effect, you can paint the entire walls with a solid metallic colour as the base or simply put it on as a finishing coat. Should you decide to use metallic paints as the top coat, it is highly advised to use an undercoat of paint in a colour that complements the colour of the metallic finish. For instance, if you choose to use eicó  Alcro Metallic in Stainless, the base paint can be  eicó Alterior Eggshell in Flint Gray.

Do you seek the effect of polished metallics  but would prefer to keep it toned down? There are different approaches you can choose from. Instead of painting the entire room, pick an accent wall and apply metallic paints. Add texture with various faux finishing techniques like rag rolling,  sponging and dry brushing. To add further interest, create prints and patterns such as metallic stripes on the wall. A reliable painter’s tape will ensure a smooth application. Create a patterned border or a wallpaper effect with the use of stencils. Do not forget the trimmings, mouldings and other architectural features of the room. Highlighting the frame of a fireplace, a window bay or an old door with a metallic paint will definitely update the room decor.

The charm of metallic paints is not limited to walls. Transform your furniture with a fresh shiny coat of metallic paint. Just like walls, you can paint the entire furniture or just add decorative patterns to it. Have you been eyeing those expensive stainless steel fixtures but couldn’t bring yourself to spend a large amount of money? Metallic paints finish will give a metal look to your lamps, chandeliers, candle holders, vases, picture frames and a whole range of home accent pieces.

Needless to say, metallic paints present a plethora of design styles you can employ to refresh the look of your home. eicó offers a wide selection of paints in metallic finishes that are non-toxic, having one of the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ratings sold in the UK. Check eicó  Alcro Metallic available in 12 colours or pick a colour of your choice. If you need help with your selection, you can contact one of our many paint specialists.

Design with Metallic Paints

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