Painting the Fifth Wall

White FloorHomeowners are always looking for new, exciting and different ways to decorate their homes and because of this the way we decorate our homes is changing. Nowadays, it’s not just about painting the four walls of the room in various colours and shades, the floors (also known as the ‘fifth wall’) are getting a makeover too. The floors of a home are a great space to display artwork and maybe do something a little bit different.

It can be really simple to give your floor an instant update by using one all over colour across your floor or you could even use stencils for an eye-catching pattern if you’re really keen to make your floor stand out and catch visitor’s attention.

Here at eicó paints we have a wide range of paints that are perfect for using on the floors of your home – here are some example of how our eicó Floor Paints can work for you;

Bright whites like ‘antique white’ a1 or chalkier whites like ‘chalk’ a2 are an excellent colour choice with a really enduring appeal. White paint for the floor is a ‘safe’ option and works well with a wide range of room styles and furniture. When you use white floor paint you will create a calm, open and airy feel to a room.
Soft greys like ‘moonstone’ a6 or ‘eico clay’ a23 are ideal to match dark walls and a high ceiling, or you can opt for dark floors with ‘flint gray’ o12 or ‘charcoal’ o13, matched with lighter grey walls and a high ceiling to create a really clean and trendy look and feel to a home.

If you’re looking to give your home a vibrant update why not consider a strip of colour through the middle of white stairs, our ‘jacko lantern’ e23, ‘bus stop’ h17, ‘miro’ g20, ‘summer plum’ g18 or ‘mosaic ‘g23’ would be perfect for a stairs, especially when matched with frames or art of the same colour on the walls, along the hallway or up the stairs.

These are just some of the things you can do to your floors with our eicó paint colours, but if you would like more tips and ideas for decorating your home, call our friendly team or keep coming back to our blog posts.

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