Painting A Teenagers Bedroom? Here’s how to please them …

Teenager’s bedrooms can often be the hardest room in the house to paint, but actually it’s not all that bad. Here at eicó paints we have a wide range of paint colours that may just raise a smile from the most sullen or hormonal teenager!

Teenagers are coming to that age when they know it all; they have very strong opinions about EVERYTHING but actually you may be surprised at some of their colour thoughts on their personal space so why not have a chat with them and see what they think.

Typically teenagers will want their bedroom colours to be an extension of their own personality, their style, their mood and their passion so you will have to compromise a little…

Your son or daughter is unlikely to be impressed by a high-end expensive look to a bedroom; instead they’ll probably prefer a more ‘free-spirited’ approach. The colours they opt for will tend to compliment a trend or theme, or even a prized possession within their room. You may even like the colours, styles and themes they’re opting for so give your teenage child a chance to share their thoughts with you.

As a rule, if your daughter is uber-feminine or a girly girl they’ll opt for b5 snowdrop, b7 lilac or n22 socialite with white furniture, bedding of bright colours and some sparkly, glittery sequined accents from photo frames, ornaments or cushions. If your teenage daughter is an ‘old soul’ they’ll opt for antique look furniture with b4 blossom or g3 jelly and a floral rug as a focal point for the room. If you’ve got a fun loving daughter they will love huge polka dots with g23 mosaic, g18 summer plum and c19 blue yonder being preferred colours while creative teenagers may tend to be drawn to e23 jacko lantern with d2 apple or b7 lilac. As you can see, these really aren’t bad styles so have a chat with your teenage daughter to see what they’re thinking.

Teenage boys are a different kettle of fish. They may not be as tidy as you want but they will tend to be more minimalistic than girls. Some boys will prefer stark white walls so maybe opt for a10 old white or a5 bone with black furniture and black accessories, maybe throwing in a splash of colour with g22 blue suede or e26 bus stop on a shelf, picture frame or window sill. Other teenage boys will want their bedroom to be an escape from a pretty crazy period in their lives so opting for earthier tones like g3 jelly, d3 wedgewood green or c17 baltic sea may be a good option. Sporty teenagers will want to show their support for their favourite sports team so discuss a feature wall in the colour of their favourite football team, where teenagers enjoying the drama in their life will be keen to get energy in their bedroom through bolder colours like g20 miro and g16 gisela. Again, these aren’t bad styles for a room and when done well can look really good so consider discussing your teenagers bedroom with them to see what colours they’re considering.

Make your teenager feel like an adult by getting them involved in their bedroom, but remember that the final say is yours so if you really aren’t keen then discuss it with them. Even consider showing them this article to give them ideas of what they could do in their bedroom.

What colours did you opt for when you were a teenager?

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