Sunday Times – Style magazine chooses eicó paints!

An appearance in the very popular Sunday Times Style magazine made our day shine as bright as our brightest colour choices!

The Sunday Times interiors team suggested readers try eicó paints as a quality ‘green’ alternative to other brands on the market, and who are we to argue?

It seems their readers also agreed as we’ve received a vast amount of colour card orders since featuring. Grab one before they go!

Free Colour Sample—

eico Colour Sample

Sunday Times quoted: “It’s not your fault. You read, repeatedly, that Farrow and Ball paints were the best, that its unending pallette of neutrals was worth spending the money on (from £32.50 for 2.5 litres), and would be the perfect backdrop to both your hot-pink Anglepoise lamp and to dinner parties where guests talked about more than just their mortagages. Trouble is, it means all that people discuss is exactly which shade of sludge they’ve gone for, taking the focus off the duck cossoulet you’ve made from Gwyneth;s cookbook. It’s enough to make you go grey. Try instead Be green with whatever colour you choose from the eco paint company Eico, from 312.73 per litre:”

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