Painting Your Summer House

Summer is the perfect time for painting your summer house or even transforming your garden shed! This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank as all you need is a paint tin or two and some rollers. In this article we give you some top summer painting tips to help create your stunning tranquil garden hideaway , all while saving money to enjoy the summer.

Choosing the Paint

High gloss paint is very shiny and durable, as well as being washable. It’s great to accent surfaces like trims so opt for bold colours in these areas such as c19 blue yonder, k25 wood stock, h17 moscow or g20 miro for example. Semi-gloss paint is less shiny than high gloss paint but is still durable and washable so consider colours like u8 midnight sun, h9 mackan or e1 silk. Pearl / satin paint is also ideal as it’s washable and has a slight sheen so opting for lighter colours like b5 snowdrop, d5 willow and c13 aqua is recommended. Where no sheen is required consider eggshell paint as its both washable and durable, ideal for imperfect walls and moisture-free rooms. Flat paint is great in bedrooms but isn’t very durable unless the whole is perfect and wiped clean.


We recommend that you spend time preparing the surfaces, ensuring you have clean lines and protecting the areas you don’t want to get fresh paint on. Make sure you remove nails from walls and fill the old nail holes, nobody enjoys washing the walls but if you do it you’ll remove the dirt form the walls and save yourself an extra coat of paint so it will save time (and money) in the long run. It’s recommended that you take the time to cover up or remove electric switches, door handles and hooks to keep them paint free and to make your job easier.


When it comes to the painting, if you paint with a roller and an edging brush you’ll save yourself a lot of time and if you use an edging tool as well you will be able to easily apply paint along the edges. If you’re going from one paint colour to another, however extreme make sure you prime the walls and use tinted primers with bold colours like t28 cranberry cocktail, g22 blue suede or k23 avocado. If you are painting your whole summer house then begin with the ceilings before you do the walls, doors and woodwork, in that order, before moving on to the floor for the finale and don’t forget to save a small amount of the paint that you are using in a glass jar for touch ups later on.

Clean Up

Once you have painted the room of your summer house leave it for at least 24hours before returning the furniture into the room, if you want to keep the paint brushes and rollers to use again in the future make sure you clean them immediately.

Add colourful bunting, cushions, yourself and a well-earned G&T?

BlueSummer GreySummer Summer Houses

Which colours are you considering for your summer home this year?

Sumer Hourses pictures from Pinterest.
Main article picture © Scandinavian Hall by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories MR.FRÄG

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