The Right Paint Colours For Smaller Spaces

Hurlingham Attic eicó chartwell greyMany homeowners opt for plain white or other neutral colours for smaller spaces, this can work well but you always risk a ‘clinical’ look and sometimes a lack of personality in the home. In this article, eicó show you how mixing colours can bring a personal touch to your home.

  1. Opt for sharper colours to expand a space, choosing sharper and brighter colours over duller ones allows you enhance and improve the clarity and openness of your smaller space or room. Really hot reds like eicó e26 Bus Stop, electrical blues, yellows and greens like g20 miro or g15 limesickle are exactly the sort of sharp colours you’re aiming for.
  2. Bring in splashed of colour to small radiation, round the window or some shelves, this helps you add excitement and depth to your room. If your home has a foyer or hall, painting that area in a darker colour can make an area seem more spacious if the room is a lighter shade.
  3. Focal walls are a much debated subject in the interior designer world; some say to paint one wall in a darker colour which can help it look like it’s receding and therefore makes the space look larger, while other interior designers are dead against it. Don’t be afraid of bold colours but you do what works best for you, your family and your home.
  4. If you paint a smaller home with the same colours but in different shades it can unite all the rooms and therefore make the space look larger, adding smaller touches like pillows and lampshades that match, or curtains and rugs can help create a cohesive space in your home.
  5. Pastel peaches and pinks can look great in a bathroom, colours like b5 snowdrop, b6 blossom or n22 socialite, especially when you get to see your rosy complexion in the bathroom mirror due to the colours in the room, but if you are looking to make a statement in your bathroom, go bold using dark reds h17 moscow or chocolate browns, you can then use towels and mats to lower the tone if you are concerned it’s too much.
  6. One top tip for making a room look bigger is by painting the ceiling a darker colour and extended that colour down the wall too, adding a lighter colour further down the wall really helps to extend the look of a room.
  7. Interior Designer Nadya Savannah Sawney from Décor Diva Interior Design  says “It’s a myth that only light shades will make a room look bigger. Indeed, a light colour will simply disappear. I would suggest going for a deep and or dark colour in a dark or small room. Use eicó ‘018 Chartwell Grey’ and offset it with any one of their white shades, stunning.”

It’s great to experiment with colours within your home, but before you start slapping random colours of paints onto your walls consider taster pots or sample pots so you can make sure that the colours you like are the right colours for your home. eicó have a wide arrange of sample pots and colours for you to choose from so you can make sure you get your small space just right.

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