Celebrity Painted #Shelfies

It used to be that to gain an insight into the interior-style of the rich and famous, you’d need to purchase Hello or OK! magazine.

But with the rise and rise (and some would say obsession) of the celebrity #selfie (def: a photo taken by them of them, posing smugly at various locations, we found it’s an ingenious way to snoop through the celebrity keyhole. Yes here at eicó towers, we have more interest in what’s in the background than of the celebs themselves – and let’s face it, they’d never catch on, frankly…

So, much as we’d rather the self-adoring craze would just go away (*unless you felt compelled to send us your home painting selfies, which we’d really rather welcome) we’ve had a quick scour of celeb home selfies or #shelfies to see which colours and styles they are choosing for their grand abodes…ssshhh, here’s what we found and here’s how you can create a little sleb-style:

MadonnaMadonna – though she appears have come over all coy in this bath shot, we think ‘Madge’ was most kind in moving aside to give us a better look at a rather sophisticated shade of grey. We even hear ourselves saying, ‘classy’ to a Madonna photo. Create a similar look: eicó Ursula h6, moonstone o6 or slate a12


GwennieGwyneth Paltrow – er, come on now Gwennie, putting on your work boots hardly makes for an interesting selfie.. but would you check out those immaculate, stained polished floorboards! Now you’re talking. Flooring can make or break the look and feel of a room so remember you can paint floorboards in any colour you choose! See eicó floor paint or speak to a friendly member of our team about the right wood stain. Whether you paint them or let their natural beauty shine through, allow them be the real stars of the room…

RachelZoeRachel Zoe – the fashion stylist to the stars makes a brave choice for her baby’s nursery by opting for a brilliant white teamed with off-white accessories. Not a shade we’d recommend for practical reasons, and I’m sure they’ll be a few crayon mishaps and carpet stained after-shots that we’ll never see, but white has its appeal. Rachel has warmed up this brilliant clean crisp white by adding off-white and cream and cosy accessories. For similar, try: eicó antique white a1 and team with linen a6 and gardenia white I2


KourtneyKardashianKourtney Kardashian – are we being presumptuous in thinking Kourtney has had a wee lass? Here, she incorporates several delicious shades of bubble gum pink, made prettier still by her choice of white accessories all fit for a princess. For similar, try aptly named eicó socilate n22, blamanche g17 and to add a popping pink accent, summer plum g18.We would however, advice Kourtney to rethink the huge green ornament hanging above the cot bed. Random. And, we’re not sure it won’t frighten the poor wee babe…


TamaraMTamara Mellon – the former CCO of Jimmy Choo knows a thing (or shoe) about style, here promoting her new products whilst showing a rather striking matching gold lamp base. We won’t call it ‘bling’ as used carefully against neutral tones; metallic gold can add instant class and decadence to a room. eico’s maharaja’s gold is similar but for use on walls, sample the softness of old bronze q33 or pink champagne q32 from our metallic collection of 12 shimmering shades. Reflected in differing lights, they really steal the show…just don’t tell the celebrities…

Spied anymore celeb #shelfies? Want to get their look? *Or do you have any home paint #shelfies of your own?

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