Period Ideas and Daily Mirror: Shades of Green

Now spring is sprung, it is once again possible to see all those glorious shades of green that nature has to offer. From the soft pale shades of fresh sage and moss to the vivid greens of a Kingfishers plume, nature has a seemingly never ending palette of shades and variations of green.

Perceived as restful and calm, green is also an exquisite colour for interior design and has the potential to effectively ‘cool’ a room without making it appear cold. This can be seen to great effect in the June 2013 Issue of Period Ideas where – as we are proud to announce – eicó paints have once again be used to inspire a beautiful range of exciting decorating ideas.

Choosing eicó’s colours Budapest and Apple, complemented by Fired Clay and Sunset, for ceilings, walls, woodwork and furniture elements, Period Ideas shows how a complimentary selection of green furniture, accessories and so on can be used to infuse a room with happiness and serenity, while simultaneously giving it an inspiring, energising feel.

Naturally, your choice of greens is not limited to the colours used in this Period Ideas feature – eicó offers a broad range of ready-to-use greens, and the ability to have your own colours created/ matched gives you a virtually unlimited world of options. This vast range of colours was once again highlighted in this week’s Daily Mirror.

Daily Mirror picked out eicó paint as one of the week’s best green buys. Drawing attention to eicó paints’ exceptionally high quality and superb colour retention, this article speaks of eicó’s superior credentials as an environmentally paint – having a low VOC content and being produced using 100 % hydropower and geothermal energy.

Going on to say that this makes eicó the perfect, healthy choice for all decorating projects – in particular for children’s rooms, where it is of even greater importance to use colours that will not affect the health of the inhabitants – Daily Mirror then praises eicó’s vast, fabulous colour range and suggests readers should order a free colour card.

Why not follow this advice and order a free colour card today to see for yourself how you can transform your rooms into a beautifully calming, healthy environment for your family? Alternatively, send in a sample of your favourite shade of green and let eicó’s experts create the perfect paint for you. Contact us now for more information.

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