Photo-Wall effect with eicó paints

Most rooms benefit from having a focal point. Creating a photo wall not only provides such a focal point, it also offers the perfect solution to showing off favourite photos, prints and other images. Teenagers in particular often love to pin holiday snaps; photos of their times with friends; images of favourite celebrities, and more onto their walls. Here’s how to create a funky photo wall for teenage bedrooms.

Shopping for Frames

First of all, take your teenager out shopping for an array of wooden photo frames in different shapes, styles and sizes.Charity shops are a good place to start looking, as it is often possible to find frames at ridiculously low prices here. Pound-shops, car boot sales and similar events also often prove to be treasure troves for frames at affordable prices.

Preparing and Painting Frames

Next, prepare the frames for painting. This may mean removing clear varnishes and/ or old colours. If the glass can not be removed from the frames, use masking tape to protect it against being covered in paint. A single strip of tape on all four edges bordering the frame should do the trick.

Prime now the bare wood; allow primer to dry, and then paint each frame in a different bright colour, using eicó Alterior Eggshell or Alterior Satin. Using eicó Alterior Gloss is an option, but may result in an unpleasant glare that takes the focus away from the images.

All of these paints are environmentally friendly and will not affect your health, or the health of your teenager, during or after painting. They are also available in a plethora of groovy colours. You can let your son/ daughter pick their favourite colours out of this array by getting a free colour card.

To prevent cost getting out of control and huge amounts of paint being wasted, you may also want to consider ordering sample pots of the selected colours, rather than purchasing full size cans of each colour.

Preparing the Wall

While the frames are drying, you can get stuck into getting the wall painted. Obviously, it is necessary to ensure the wall is dry and free from loose paint, dirt, dust and so on. Once this has been done, the wall can be painted using eicó Alterior Matt. Here, too, the choice of colour is made easier with a colour card.

For maximum effect, the photo wall should be painted in a deeper colour than the remaining three walls of the room.Multi-coloured frames look particularly attractive when set against eicó’s o12 Flint Grey, but ultimately, the choice of colour depends on the overall colour scheme of the room.

In a room predominantly using blues, for example, g22 Blue Suede or h22 Prague may be more suitable for this wall. A mostly green room, on the other hand, may look better if the photo wall was painted in k23 Avocado, for instance, while a pink and red room would certainly benefit from this wall being painted in a deep red/ reddish brown like H14 Gaga. If you can’t find a colour you like, you can also send a sample of your teenager’s favourite colour to eicó’s colour matching experts, who will then match and create exactly the right colour to suit his/ her preferences.

Finishing the Project

By the time the room is painted, the frames should be dry and ready for ‘filling’. Carefully remove the protective masking tape and fill the frames with your teenager’s favourite pictures/ photos. Once the wall is dry, the frames can then be hung randomly all over the wall. Hanging them in straight lines is an option, but tends to look a little too regimental for teenage rooms.

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