Pantone Colours for Spring 2015 – Haute Couture for your home

pantone 2015 spring designAs spring is fast upon us, we thought we would share the Pantone spring colours from the world of fashion. Whether you are looking to redesign your wardrobe or redecorate your abode, these colours are worn well by homes and people alike.

For spring there is a strong move towards the colour and softer hues of the colour spectrum. This is a mix of eclectic and understated pastels, nature neutrals and lesser-used brights. It evokes thoughts of simpler times and lazy daydreamy days…

The lead colour this spring is Aquamarine, with its airy blue and dreamy feel, it is said that this shade of restful blue work well as a stress reducer, so consider using it in a more stressful room of your home. Our h27 haapsalu is a good choice for an Aquamarine stress- free shade.

Invigorating turquoise shades convey a feeling of carefree playfulness, adding a splash of excitement that is both energising and fresh. This is a pleasant and inviting shade that would be striking used in an entrance hall to welcome and invite visitors into your home.

Minty greens return from time to time and this spring they are back! It’s a fresh, cool and clarifying colour that can be incredibly refreshing. A colour like d2 apple or d9 sage can work well in a kitchen with a garden view, to keep the inside as fresh and clean as the outside.

Classic Blue shades like c19 blue yonder are said to inspire calm, confidence and harmony, it’s a strong and reliable colour that is perfect for a study room or home office as it’s perceived to be a thoughtful and introspective colour.

If you’re looking to bring balance and coolness to your home you may opt for a toasted almond shade like e1 silk or e5 oyster. The toasted almond shade offers a comforting warmth, that is natural and timeless. This is an ideal colour for a relaxing room like a lounge or reading area.

Pantone Spring Colours 2015 eicó spring colours suggestions Aquamarine living room - house beautiful
14 shades of pantone colours – Spring 2015 Whatever you preferred colour palette this spring, we can colour match to your exact specification. ©House Beautiful – Aquamarine Living room

These are just some of the colours that Pantone are encouraging in the fashion industry this Spring, how do you think your home will wear them? Tell us @eicopaintsCo

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