What is the Perfect Paint Palette for The Kitchen

Alex-kitchen-Island-BlueWhite kitchen cabinets matched with a safe colour on the wall may be the most popular option for many homeowners, and it is very likely to be what your neighbours have. However if you’re looking to be a bit more out there and give your kitchen a whole new mood then this article is a must read for you.

We love colour combinations and we adore paint palettes with a bit of personality, have a look at this article for some paint colour combinations for your kitchen, that suit your home, your family and your personality.

Yellow based greens are really nice for a sunny and inviting kitchen, crisp white trims matched with bright apple greens and darker olive greens can create a truly refreshing feel to a room. The colour green has positive associations due to the thoughts of nature and the environment that come to mind when you seen green.

Soft shades of blues and greens can help you bring the outdoors indoors; they work well with wood countertops or floors of amber and cherry. The great thing about these optimistic shades of blues and greens is that they can work equally well in a vintage cottage, a home by the sea or surrounded by retro furnishings.

If you’re looking to create the hearth-like warmth in your kitchen then you may choose to consider the colours of carrots, corn and peas. These three colours work well if you are keen on colours but you don’t want to separate your small kitchen. Remember, you don’t have to use the same amount of all the colours – you can opt for a splash of the third colour along edges or beams.

Rich shades of blue can create a traditional look, layering colours like dark blues and mid-tone indigos can create an understated elegance in a kitchen. This can work well with dark blue walls, white kitchen cabinets and then a tile mural of whites and blues. You could then splash the rooms with dark blue kitchen equipment or seating.

Suggested colours for your kitchen

What colours do you think would work well in your kitchen?

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