Want To Paint Like A Pro?

Painting like a ProYou don’t need to be a professional painter to be able to paint like a pro – here are some top tips to get you painting your home like a pro in no time at all;

It may be tempting to skip the priming to speed the job up but don’t do it. Primer provides a great surface for paint while helping to bring out the paints true colour so always prime before painting. However annoying and time consuming it is, it will be worth it in the long

When painting your home it’s a chance for you to show off your
painting skills, use an edge pad to help you get clean lines around the ceiling edge, doorframes and corners of your room. This will help your walls look great, down to every last
little detail.

Make sure the surfaces you want to paint and clean are in good condition and not glossy. Paint will not stick to the walls if you haven’t prepped your walls. Again, prepping may be time consuming but it will worth it in the long run.

It’s always hard to know how much paint you will need for a room. The experts claim you need one gallon of
paint for every 400 square metres, plus an extra tin to be safe – plus that can be used to go over areas that may be damaged in the future. If you are covering textured areas, rough spaces or un-primed surfaces you may need more paint. Feel free to give us a call with your measurements and we can tell you how much paint you need.


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Dry days are the best days for painting, unless you enjoy watching paint dry – very, very slowly. The moisture in the air stops the water-based paints drying so try and paint on drier days for a quicker (and less stressful) painting job.

Accidental drop of paint on doorknobs is not a good look and can be the ultimate giveaway that you’re not a pro. However, pop a
sandwich bag or small plastic bag over the door knob to prevent them from giving you away.

Have you got any top tips that you would like to share for painting your home like a pro?

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