Paint Colour Cards Guide & Red Magazine Appearance

Good planning paired with careful selection of a colour scheme largely contribute to creating a cohesive look for your home design. Colour is one of the most important and high-impact elements of home decoration. A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change a room’s tone and mood. To ensure a high-level satisfaction with any painting project, it should be done properly from the get-go. This includes choosing not just the right paint colour but also entails deciding on the perfect shades of your chosen colours.

Picking your colour scheme is the most exciting part of home decoration. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast array of choices available. It’s important to not rush this decision making process. Painting is reversible but having to remove and repaint because the shade you picked didn’t successfully evoke the mood you were planning or didn’t look great together with the other shades can be frustrating and is a major waste of resources. Do it right the first time. A paint colour card can be a valuable tool that can help you effectively decide on the colour palette of your home interior. Pick up or request paint colour cards. Study the colours and shades carefully, keeping in mind the look and feel you want the paint to promote. Browse several different colours before deciding on your final colour scheme. Critical to this process is looking at your selected colours in both artificial and natural daylight because different light sources can influence the appearance of the colours. Colour is relative to its environment so take into consideration the lighting of the actual area when comparing colour cards. Light coming from fluorescent tubes can spell a big difference on colour perception compared to light from an incandescent bulb, not to mention your lighting will vary at different times of the day. Other factors such as the flow of colours in neighboring rooms and existing colours in the room used in furniture and accessories should come into play when deciding both the right colour and shade. This is why it’s critical to take home colour cards instead of deciding promptly at the paint store.

Before you commit time and resources on an extensive painting project, use colour cards to get a sense of what colour shades look good together and what you can mix and match. Download our colour card samples here to start your home painting project.

There was no mistaking the appearance of our unique colour card in this monthly lifestyle Red magazine. It was chosen as part of a mood-board to accompany a feature. We think featuring our 168 colours on a black background looks striking and the press seem to agree!

Red Magazine coverage - eicó paints paint colour cardseicó paints colour card appeared in Red magazine's glossy pages

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