How Can You Use Pantone Colour of 2015, Marsala?

room-marsala-TXTMarsala, known as an earthy red wine has been chosen by Pantone, to replace last year’s Radiant Orchid as colour of the year. Pantone describes Marsala as an impactful, full-bodied colour that makes an elegant and radiant statement colour, or works well when used to as a strong accent colour for a wide range of other paint colours. It certainly an elegant and quite luxurious colour, but how can you use it in your home?

It’s thought that red shades like Marsala stimulate our appetites so therefore it’s a great colour for a dining area, but if it’s a smaller room then put a happy bright yellow in the adjacent room which will help keep both rooms looking spacious and light. You’ll notice that our paint colour t48-cranberry cocktail is extremely similar to the Pantone colour of the year. Another perhaps surprising colour  to team this shade with is a turquoise blue such as eico’s c6-duck egg. Team this with a pale pink such as our n22-socialite or e24-rainbow trout and you have a striking, complimentary trio that you may never have have thought of using together. Use the deeper Marsala shade as an accent colour, one of the paler shades for the main wall(s) and the other for soft furnishings, rugs, sofas, vases, curtains or cushions, and use the stronger colour for these too.

Mixing Marsala shades with red-brown rusty colours can work really well as an accent wall. The muddy darker shade will need lots of natural light or white to keep it looking bright and upbeat. When done right, Marsala with whites, creams and red-brown rusty colours can create a rich and sophisticated look in the home.

Bold colours such as this can work really well in bathrooms. Based on the fact we don’t spend a huge amount of time in the bathroom or powder room it means you can pull off unusual and intense colours. Matching the darker walls with white or cream accessories can create a gorgeous warm look in your bathroom or powder room. And grey is another colour that works with this shade. Try the paler tones of our o6 moonstone or opt for the strong depth p16 battleship grey. You’ll need a paler colour to offset this darker combination, cream, white or even pale pink.

Using Marsala with deep tan reds and dark browns can create a really relaxed and mellow vibe to a bedroom, perfect for you to rest and sleep in. However, if you are looking to create a high energy feel to a room a then mix in bright reds and whites with the Marsala style colour.

If you’re keen to create a warm and cosy traditional space in your home try matching Marsala shades with reds, tallow, oranges and browns and you’ll be feeling warm inside, regardless of the British weather outside. Add a terracotta shade such as eicó e27 flower pot and you could lose yourself in your very own African Savanna…

Don’t forget, our colour matching service is guaranteed to perfectly match the  Marsala shade for you too.
Feeling inspired? Why not order some sample pots now and adorn your home with the colour of 2015?

Everybody has a favourite colour – and we have all of them.” Rishi Subeathar, Founder of eicó paints.

room-e24-raibow-trout-TXT room-n22-socialite-TXT room-c6-duck-egg-TXT room-t48-cranberry-cocktail-TXT

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