Living etc.: Decorating with Deep and Dark Colours

Some people don’t shy away from the drama and mystery that dark colours impart. If anything, they are drawn by the captivating beauty and magnetic pull of dark and edgy designs. The glossy magazine Living etc. has perfectly captured the fusion of deep drama and raw industrial for home interior design using a colour palette of golds and browns and a touch of rich blue. Here, eicó’s own C11 Fleet Alterior Matt has been used to add contrast and sophistication to the entire room design.

If you’ve been meaning to create a space that radiates mystique but sleek appeal, there is a host of rich colours and lush textures you can play with. Start by picking a bold wall colour that suits your taste and personality. Contrary to popular belief, black is not the only colour to achieve depth and drama. Painting a room with the colour scheme of rich reds, dark chocolate, deep greens, precious golds and other jewel tones produces the same compelling and intimate feel. Try eicó h17 Moscow Alterior Matt as your main wall colour. Play with different shades of the same hue to add more interest to the room. Use our free colour cards to guide you in choosing the perfect shades. To break the monochromatic colour scheme, introduce beautiful contrast of blue colours. By painting some architectural elements with navy or cobalt, the room becomes all the more elegant and sophisticated. Embellishing the frames of a fireplace with eicó h12 johan Alterior eggshell gives it a chance to stand out and be noticed. The finish of a paint is another aspect worth exploring to achieve the sleek and edgy appeal. The shimmer and sheen from metallic paints add a little pop to the room and intensifies the drama. eicó offers Alcro Metallic paints readily available in 12 colours but you can also choose your own colours.

Layers and textures play a big role in bringing coherence to the overall dramatic design. A subtle hint of organic element adds warmth and visual interest when displayed against the modern touch of metallic finishes. A heavy wood furniture painted in black eggshell finish brings in the charm of shabby chic appeal that effectively blends in rather than distracts. If you’re still a bit hesitant of completely painting your walls with dark colours, a great way to add deep hues gradually is to showcase dark coloured home decoration accents. Paint your lamps, vases, candlesticks, frames and wall arts in rich colours to command attention and build a mysterious and sexy appeal. The use of black tiles and even black painted floors can also do wonder. Finish off the look by incorporating plush fabrics and a warm glow of soft lights.

The look and appeal of deep and dark colours is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and explore the more daring aspect of home decorating. Be brave, a deep palette can offer many possibilities. Whether you are going in the direction of elegant but dramatic or moderned but dark, the combination of contrasting rich colours and textures creates a uniqe and memorable space. Explore different scheme choices in your next interior design project with our extensive array of paints in exciting colours and finishes.

Living etc. - Decorating with Dark Shadows

Decorate your interior with deep and dark paints

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