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As toddlers grow, they are often all over the latest trends and all they talk about is their favourite  cartoon which they then eat, sleep and breathe! If your child sees a toy, ball, book or even a  cardboard box with the cartoon characters they don’t just want it but they need it in their lives, and  right now.

So, with Pantone partnering with Universal Studios to product a ‘Minion’ yellow and the new  Avengers film now out on the big screen, we thought it the perfect time to team together some  great paint shades to bring your child’s cartoon heroes to life in their bedroom! Keeerbang!

Minions – bright yellows and bold blues

If your child is into Minions but you don’t want the room to look too ‘despicable’ opt for colours like  g19 chawka gull with c19 blue yonder or e18 lemon with h27 haapsula if you’re looking to tone  down the blues and yellows. You could also throw in some splashes of a10 old white and a26  shadow white to set the tone of the room perfectly.

Frozen – turquoise, white and blue

If your son or daughter isn’t able to ‘Let it Go’ and they’re keen to keep their door open, as ‘Love is  an open door’ then you need to think about colours that are going to work well. The issue with  Frozen is that’s it’s all blues and whites which can make a bedroom look cold and just like the North  Mountain but if you use g22 blue suede, c11 fleet, o20 sea mist, c13 aqua and c17 baltic sea well  together you’ll create the perfect Frozen themed room that your child will just love.

Spiderman – bright red and blue

Although Spiderman is a character for kids of all ages it can easily form the perfect bedroom for your  children. Going for colours like e26 bus stop with g22 blue suede will certainly create a bright and  bold bedroom so consider using q24 into picture frames, borders or window sills to help make the  room a little less bold while still capturing the essence of Spiderman. The biggest benefit of a  Spiderman themed bedroom is that you will not need to worry about dusting down the spider webs  as you can claim they are Spiderman’s.

Big Hero 6 – orange and purple

Big Hero 6 is the newest cartoon favourite spreading the UK and kids are going crazy for it, as you  are probably aware. The colours of Big Hero 6 are ideal for bedrooms of girls and boys and work  really well to create a bright bedroom that your kids will adore. Using equal measures of g23 mosaic,  e23 jacko lantern and a10 old white will create the perfect Big Hero 6 theme for your little hero. These paint shades make the perfect backdrop for the many accessories and fabulous themed wall  stickers available so have fun! Breathe easy: eicó offers complete peace of mind for you and your little heroes as it boasts ZERO  VOC MI and APEO’s. The paint is also washable for up to 2000 washes and retains colour with super‐ hero resilience. What cartoon trends are your children into right now?

Frozen1 Minions
Picture © Modern Bedroom – London Interior Designers & Decorators Fleur Ward Interior Design

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Super Man little hero Picture © Megan Altman Photography

Sideman bedroom Picture © Modern Bedroom – London Interior Designers & Decorators Fleur Ward Interior Design

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