How Do Light Bulbs Affect Paint Colour?

Have you ever painted all the walls in your favourite shade only to find when it has dried, it looks a completely different colour?

This is because differing artificial lights have different relationships with your paint colours, walls and ceilings. When you go into large paint stores they often use large, extra bright fluorescent bulbs, unlike the ones you would have in your own home. The discrepancy is often noticeable and can be noticeable. It’s purely because the light in your home is not the same as the light in the store where you first saw the paint colours.

Here are the general differences in light bulbs and how they can affect paint colours and choices;

Incandescent Light Bulbs: These light bulbs are a shade of yellow-amber in colour and they will make reds, oranges and yellows much more vivid, while muting out blues and greens. If you have incandescent light bulbs in your home try and tone down the yellow, reds and oranges – for example opt for u8 midnight sun instead of e23 jacko lantern. At the same time tone the blues and greens up – for example opt for c19 blue yonder instead of h27 haapsula.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Fluorescent light bulbs are flat and cool, enriching blues and greens so if you don’t want the blues and greens in your home to be too strong try and tone them down. For example, go for d3 wedgewood green instead of k24 turtle or c11 fleet instead of c17 baltic sea. Halogen Light Bulbs:

Halogens give off a white light to resemble natural light; this makes colours look more clear and vivid. Many homeowners opt for halogens to make the shift from daytime natural light to night-time fake light less jarring. When using halogen lights just remember the colours will be more vivid.

LEDs: LEDs are very popular now as they are more energy efficient than other light bulbs, you can buy warmer or cooler LEDs or even purchase ‘smart’ LED bulbs that can be controlled wirelessly. You can purchase LED light bulbs in a wide variety of colours to match your wall colours so there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to paint colours and LED light bulbs.

It’s really important you test out colours to make sure they suit the style of your room and the lighting that you have in your house. This is why we have a wide range of tester paint pots for you to try out at home and see which ones suit your home, room and personality best.

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