Lemon And Lime For Summer Time

Transitional entry by Donna Figg DesignSummertime is well and truly here but if you feel that your home isn’t summer ready yet then you need to grab a zesty paint pallet of lemons and limes so your home pops with the feeling of summer. Colours and shades like g3 jelly, g19 chawka gull, g20 miro, g15 limesickle, e18 lemon and e8 sunset are the paint colours you need to instantly freshen up your home, with minimal effort.

Why not start with your front door, if it looks less than lively a fresh cost of a lemon or lime paint will freshen it up, however if you opt for a bright front door you’ll need to consider how you are going to bring the colour into your home. However, it may be worth bearing in mind that most neutral coloured homes can handle a pop of colour on the front door.

Lime green looks great when it’s paired with shades of white or gray, offering a really crisp look and feel without too much commitment to the brighter shade. You may want to consider painting a window sill, shelving or a fireplace surround along with a patterned rug or pillows for seating areas.

Citrus colours are a natural addition to outdoor areas like gardens, decking, balconies and porches. Try to match the citrus colours with a rich neutral background colour to set the ideal stage for the perfect summer living atmosphere.

You can use citrus colours to energize your bedroom too, through the simple addition of artwork, pillows and throws. Think about coordinating a landscape print to a pillow or throw in complementary citrus shades as a quick, simple and effective way of creating summer in your bedroom.

We recommend using yellow or green undertones in a living room, lounge or dining room is a great way of making an area feel modern, fresh and renewed while creating a focal point of interest for people in the room.
How will you bring the citrus pallet of green and yellow into your home?

How will you bring the citrus pallet of green and yellow into your home?


Transitional Entry by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Donna Figg Design


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