Holiday blues: eicó offer global inspiration

shellsWith holiday season almost underway, there is little doubt that when it comes to summer, the colour blue leaves us feeling, well, far from blue!

Blue skies, calm blue seas, blue is generally the colour we associate with summer and feeling happy. It’s also the most popular colour choice in the world!

During the summer months, eicó paints see a rise in the sales for their blue shades as people feel inspired by holidays and stunning coast lines and seek to bring these palettes into their home.

Here, eicó picks the very best blues from our favorite global destinations:

CoastalInto the deep: Working with deeper shades of blue is often more challenging but get it right and the effect can be stunning. Think inky indigo and dark denim. Use darker shades on one feature wall to complement a dark blue sofa or curtains. Use paler shades to keep the mood light and calm – pale blues and brilliant whites work well against darker blue shades. Very striking.
Inspiration: France
Try: blue suede g22 and team with new surf c18

Pale blues: These offer a calm classic feel that suit both contemporary and English homes alike. It holds its own as a key colour but is happily teamed with brighter shades or classic candy/ice-cream shades too, pale pinks, pastel yellows, ‘clotted’ cream, or clean white. Super pretty.
Inspiration: Devon & Cornwall
Try: aqua c13 and team with cool linen a6 

Modern blues: Not too bright but certainly no wilting wallflower, a modern blue such as c19 blue yonder, instantly revives and refreshes a tired looking room. Its versatility allows you to have fun with other colours so work with a variety of wooden furniture shades and choose strong coloured accessories and soft furnishings or team with a clean crisp white such as a1 antique white.
Inspiration: Greece/Mediterranean

Steely blues: Its grey/green tones make it almost volcanic – think summer storms and a restless sea. For a truly stunning look, team with cream or pale pink and why not try soft earthy terracotta tones. Super stunning.
Inspiration: Italian Riviera
Try: New island blue c22 and team with new flower pot e27 

TurquoiseTurquoise retreat: Is there anything more alluring that a deep turquoise sea lapping a white sandy beach? Turquoise knows it’s beautiful. It holds it’s own as key colour but it’s no team player when it comes to mixing with other blue shades so its best to allow turquoise to steal the limelight! Instead, either keep the look cool and fresh with clean crisp white or deep cream and beige accessories. If you’re feeling creative, team with dark grey accessories and soft furnishings. White, pale or dark wooden furniture all work well with turquoise.
Inspiration: Caribbean Islands
Try: Sending or tweeting us your stunning ‘blue’ holiday snaps and asking us to colour match. We’ll bring your holiday memories straight back to your door…

So there we have it. An exquisite selection of coast-picked eicó blues from around the world…

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