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We enter our homes everyday through our hall ways, we welcome people into our homes through the hall way and this is the place where you can really set the scene of what to expect from your home. The hall way is the part of the house that welcomes you back into your home after a long day at work so it’s important that it’s an area of the home that you enjoy. In this article we have put some fabulous ideas you can use to create a welcoming hall way in your home.

The colour green is a lovely colour to live with, whether you have a modern, listed, contemporary or period property greens can work really well, especially like a softer shade of green like our d2 apple or a slightly darker green option of d7 folly.

Lighter baby blues always make a room seem larger but some fear that shades of blue can create a cold feel to an area but matching o20 sea mist or c18 surf with natural wood shelving and banisters or a darker brown carpet, maybe coffee colour will make the hallway warm and welcoming, clean and easy.

If you feel your home is a little ‘safe’ you can always have fun with colour in the hall, it may not be to everyone’s taste but having a splash of g18 summer plum or g20 miro can really brighten up an area, it’s a brave move but if you’re feeling daring these colours can do wonders for a hall way.

Do you have strong angles, edges and points in your hall way? Make the most of these interesting shapes by using contrasting colours to show them off. Try something like a26 shadow white with u8 midnight sun, g23 mosaic with u41 cosmopolitan or even m5 painters white with h29 metropolitan.This can give a really nice architectural look to your hallway.

For a windowless hall way in need of being brightened up try g3 jelly, a lovely green shade with an underlying yellow shade. Match the g3 jelly with fresh white woodwork (something like a5 bone) and you have created a bright and fresh hallway to welcome you and your family home.

White hallways can make a smaller space look bigger, to avoid that chilly look throw in some black furniture and accessories, or try using a touch of r9 bollywood, q24 black pearl or o12 flint gray to raise the temperature and make the area look large but warm.

When decorating your hallway consider what colours will work well with the other rooms in your home. If the hall goes through to a living room with pale walls it doesn’t mean you need to have a pale hallway, in fact you could opt for t48 cranberry cocktail as a really interesting contrast.

With lots of fantastic colours to choose from feel free to give us a call for top tips or advice for your hall way.

Colours reference – Hall Ways

Welcoming hall ways colours

These colours are only a representation of the true colours printed on paper.
To see the accurate colours you will need to order your free colour card or buy a sample pot.

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