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Spring/ summer 2013 are upon us, and with it we see nature at its best – a time for new beginnings, growth and development. The grey landscape of winter is finally transformed into an ocean of colour, and traditionally, this is the best time to bring fresh new colours into your home.

Grand Design Magazine and Live Exhibition

Whether you are considering building a new home, renovating an existing one or just freshening up some of you home’s rooms, you may well be looking for some inspiration. As Lisa Allen, the editor of Grand Design Magazine, points out on her ‘From the Editor’ page in the forthcoming June 2013 issue, a great place to be for inspiration is the ‘Grand Design Live’exhibition at the Excel in London. Already started at time of writing this post, the exhibition continues to the 12th of May.

Based on the successful TV series (Channel 4) and presented by Kevin McCloud, the well known design guru, the exhibition is packed with more than 500 exhibitors covering every imaginable sector – from gardens and home improvement to interiors, renovations, self-build, shopping and technology. In addition to showcasing the latest trends, designs and products, experts will be at hand to answer questions and offer advice.

eicó environmentally friendly Paints

Most home improvement projects are ultimately finished off to perfection by being painted in the colours of your choice. We are pleased to announce that Lisa Allen included eicó paints in her picks of the month (also on the ‘From the Editor’ page of the June issue).

But why choose eicó? First of all, as the editor points out, eicó is an environmentally friendly choice. Produced from 100% pure Acrylic and using 100% geothermal energy and hydro power, eicó paints are transported on existing shipping routes to maintain an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Because eicó paints also have an extremely low VOC content (the lowest in the UK), they are not only friendly to the environment, but also far healthier for users and those living in/ visiting the areas within which they have been used. This is of particular importance if you or someone you know suffers from allergies or asthma.

eicó Colours and Colour Matching

Secondly, eicó paints are available in a wide range of finishes and a plethora of attractive colours. You can see the full range of eicó colours by ordering a free colour card. What’s more, if you can not find the colour you desire, eicó’s expert colour matching team can create the exact colour you want from just a small sample. In other words, your options are virtually

Finally, but by no means less importantly, eicó paints are exceptionally durable, washable and long lasting. Suitable for interior and exterior use on an array of surfaces/ substrates, these paints have extremely high colour retention and weathering properties, meaning they will not fade, blister, flake or wear off for years.

Tell us about your Experience

If you have never used eicó paints before, contact us for more information, or order some sample pots to see for yourself how good they are. If you have found inspiration at the Grand Design Live exhibition and/ or used our paints before, consider telling us about it – we value your opinion. Just use the comment form at the bottom of this page to tell us about your experience – you never know, it may help us to improve our products/ services even more.


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