Exterior Home Painting

If you have a home that looks tired, unloved, dirty or even unappealing from the outside sometimes a lick of paint is all you need to give your home a new lease of life. Don’t run away screaming, painting the outside walls, doors and window frames of your home can be one of the most cost- effective and easiest ways of improving the look and feel of your home.

You need to prepare your home for exterior painting – this means checking the home is structurally safe and there are no breaches on external walls that could cause damp to the home. If you do spot any cracks or holes in the exterior walls of your home they may need rendering or plastering so wait until the hole or crack is filled and the plaster has dried.

Make sure you remove any damaged or flaking paint before you start painting, scraping sanding or power washing can be great ways to remove old or peeling paint. This means you have a smooth surface for painting the exterior of your home.

Have a look for any mould or fungus on the outside walls of your home and remove it before repainting the walls or the mould and fungus will grow into the next layer of paint. Typical places that mould and fungus could be found are in the shady areas of your outside walls or areas near drains and gutters.

Next you need to make sure you chose a paint colour for the exterior of your home that is in-keeping with the others houses nearby you and owners of listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas are required to double check the rules. eicó paints are hardy and durable and popular with owners of coastal homes were the weather can be extreme. We found a10 old white, a12 slate, c20 aquifer, r31 poppy stem, d1 whisper, c13 aqua, e5 oyster are popular neutral colours for painting the exterior of your home. Flower pot e27 is also perfect as is the deeper striking cranberry cocktail t48 (team with rich cream window frames) and late olive k12 or grodan h11 on a period property.

It’s obviously highly recommended that you paint the exterior of your home in the spring or summer months and you really want to aim for drier weather periods.

Main picture © Transitional Exterior by London Estate Agents Domus Nova
Traditional Exterior © by London Interior Designers & Decorators Annie Stevens designs ltd

What colour would you paint the outside of your home?

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