Elle Decoration: Forest Flair

It’s that time of year when nature showers us with a spectacular display of foliage in beautiful bursts of burnt orange, golds and berry reds. Imagine walking through the forest glade as you soak in the natural beauty of the trees in citric greens and warm browns. Think of the fruits and flowers of this bountiful season that paint the landscape with deep pinks, burgundy, plums and yellows. Who could not be inspired by autumn’s palette?

The November issue of Elle Decoration has taken nature as its inspiration for the ‘Forest Flair’ feature where eicó’s own Giselle and Plum Raison paints appeared. “Get back to nature with the latest woodland-inspired shades. A palette of earthy khaki and glossy red-browns with sharp greens and mustard yellows for a fresh take on autumnal beauty.”  According to the gloss magazine, “This month’s pick of great colours textures, patterns and paints that work together. Showing that anything can be the catalyst for a geat interior scheme…it’s where inspiration meets practicality…”

Surrounding yourself with the natural beauty nature provides creates a tranquil atmosphere that serves as a retreat from the everyday rush. But there is no need to live in the woods to experience the warmth and peacefulness of earthy spaces. By drawing inspiration from nature’s palette, you can bring it into your home.

Colour Scheme

Paints remain the easiest way to give your home a seasonal makeover and the advantage of autumn’s colour palette is that it can complement most interior design themes. Whether you’re going for rustic appeal, classic beauty or modern vibe, there is a paint colour scheme to match your chosen design. Earth-tone colours like eicó’s Plum Raisin and Giselle can transform an ordinary room into a sophisticated haven while bright colours like eicó’s Lemon or Mustard can inject energy and vibrancy to a rather dull wall.

Texture and Pattern

Autumn brings about rich design elements in eclectic textures and patterns. To introduce exquisite detail, there is a wide variety of decorative painting techniques at your disposal to get the desired wall effect. Take inspiration from the naturally weathered woods with authentic rustic charm. No need to wait for seasons to pass to achieve this effect, by using faux painting techniques you can give a piece of furniture a slightly distressed look for that shabby chic style using eicó’s stunning eggshell collection.

Home Accents

To complete the autumn inspired setting, home accents need to match the overall theme. This doesn’t mean purchasing new sets of furniture. By simply repainting your existing furnishings with colours from your chosen palette, you can bring hint of nature inside. For added visual interest, throw in jute rugs, nature-inspired artworks and throw pillows with patterns that imitate the look of rough, unfinished woods.

With a good colour scheme selection and creative design ideas, embracing nature and bringing its charm inside your home is just a few steps away. Whether you want it subtle and laid-back or bold and dramatic, eicó offers wide selection of paints in rich colours and exciting finishes that is sure to match your design palette. Our paint specialists are also more than willing to create a bespoke paint colour of your choice. It’s time to transform your interiors into your very own relaxing haven!

Autumn Inspired Paint PalettePaint palette inspired by nature

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