Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon Neutrality?

Setting out your environmental stall will often provoke its detractors and doubters – and with the paint industry having no recognizable international standard or scale, then it is indeed open to confusion at best and abuse at worst.

We tackle the whole question of VOCs elsewhere on our website, but one very valid question that we often are asked is: “Yes we understand the Carbon Footprint  benefits of manufacturing in Iceland, but surely this is all undone when you then have to ship the product to the UK?”

We have 2 responses to this:

  1. The raw ingredient of paint, principally Titanium Dioxide, is neither mined nor refined in the UK, and therefore has to be transported, together with the binders and extenders into the UK.  Every paint manufacturer is faced with this transport cost to the environment.
  2. With Iceland being a net importer of product, the ships running between Iceland and the UK are on average 30% unfilled, and therefore our argument is that we are using up unfilled space and not adding to any further carbon footprint.

Transport is therefore a necessary part of any paint production – our job however is to minimize its impact both whilst it is being manufactured and transported, and of course when the paint is actually used.

Paint manufacturers will often concentrate on the latter – but if you really want to be considered a serious eco warrior, then you need to look at the process from start to finish.

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