The Easter Bank Holiday Is Coming, Bring on The Rain, Chocolate and DIY!

eico easter diyWhen it comes to the Easter Bank Holiday there are three things that are almost guaranteed, it is very likely it will rain, you will be surrounded by chocolate wherever you go and it is extremely likely that DIY will be on the Easter Bank Holiday agenda!

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is the well-known as the biggest DIY weekend of the year. It’s the four day weekend when millions of us will catch up on the DIY in and around the house because the weather is unpredictable (at best). According to a poll of over 3,000 people, 52% of them plan to embark on DIY over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, but what will they be getting up to?

  • 52% of us will be planning the painting and decorating of our home
  • 37% of us will be heading the garden to landscape, put up and repair fencing, lay patios or lawns
  • 12% will be fitting new bathrooms or replacing parts of their bathrooms
  • 10% will be replacing parts of their kitchens or fitting new kitchens
  • 9% will be laying new flooring in the form of wood, laminate or vinyl
  • 9% will be creating a shed or outhouse for the garden
  • 9% will be tiling walls and floors in their homes
  • 4% will be lowering their energy bills by adding insulation to their homes
  • 4% will be fitting new windows in their homes and another 4% will be building a conservatory to extend their living space.

You may have thought people would be spending their money on chocolate Easter eggs or daffodils but 42% of us will be spending around £200 on DIY projects while 11% of us are expecting to spend anything from £5,000 on their Easter Bank Holiday weekend DIY projects.

However, it’s important to note that as much as the East Bank Holiday weekend may be a great time to get those DIY jobs done, a whopping one in six of us never finish the DIY task through boredom. The top jobs that never get completed are things like bleeding radiators (bores 61% of us), fitting loft insulation (bores 52% of us) and installing a boiler (bored 41% of us). But isn’t that just because they are boring jobs?

We all love to see the before and after effects of the work we have done, we like to do something we are proud to show off to our friends and neighbours – and bleeding a radiator or installing loft insulation doesn’t quite cut it does it?

Giving your home a mini makeover with a coat of paint to freshen up walls, splashing in new colours with edging or borders or even giving your kitchen cupboards a new lease of life with painted doors or a new handle can really be something to be proud of. Plus, it’s something that is easy to show off to friends and they’ll enjoy looking at it – unlike your new (and boring) boiler.

So, what are your DIY plans this Easter Bank Holiday weekend?

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