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In previous articles we have spoken about choosing paint colours to suit the shape and size of the room, the personality of the home and the colour of the year, but in this article we are going to be telling you about the colours to use dependant on which way your room is facing.

Many interior designers and paint experts recommend that before you start choosing the paint colours for your room you look at which way your room faces, this will then allow you understand the natural light in your room and it will help you choose the right paint colours for your room. If you’re not sure which way your room faces have a look on Google Earth.

Nothing Facing

If your room is north facing then the natural light to the room throughout the day will be less direct, resulting in a much cooler room during the daylight hours. You can warm this room up by using warmer shades such as t48 cranberry cocktail, g18 summer plum or g23 mosaic. These colours in north facing rooms make for great dens, reading rooms or a space to relax. Whites do not work well in north facing rooms as there is no natural light to reflect from the walls.

South Facing

South facing rooms get lots of natural light throughout the day and are often the sunniest rooms in the house. It’s important to note that the colours you use in this room will be intensified by natural light so if you don’t want the room to feel too energised consider softer, cooler colours like e13 vanilla, g3 jelly or c11 fleet.

East Facing

If your room is east facing you will get most of the natural light in the morning so if you are choosing to use that room later in the day or even in the evening, you will need to choose a warmer palette which will help offset the lack of natural light later in the day. You could opt for colours like g17 blamanche or g20 miro for a warmer palette.

West Facing

West facing rooms will benefit from the sun’s rays as the sun sets. A west facing room can be slightly dull in the morning, but it will have a warm glow in the evening. Cooler paint tones like b6 blossom, h27 haapsalu and e18 sunset are recommended for west facing rooms as warmer tones can be overwhelming for the times of days that the room is in light.

If you would like help choosing the right colours for your room then give us a call, our friendly team of paint specialists are always happy to offer advice and guidance.

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