Meet the Décor Diva with the X-Factor!

We warmly welcome interior designer Nadya Savannah Sawney from Décor Diva Interior Design to the eicó blog.

Boasting years of experience and a varied, stunning portfolio of design projects, it’s fair to say that Nadya knows a thing or two about giving a home the X-factor. Here, she kindly shares her 5 top tips on how the right use of paint can help achieve it:

‘Just as it my job to translate a client’s vision into beautiful reality, included in that translation is the property’s own vision and what paint colours will work best. The paint colours you choose should support everything else in the room, not dominate nor disappear.’  Here’s how:

1: Wall whisperer: Sit in the chosen room for a while and see it bathed in both natural and artificial light.…your walls will ‘tell’ you what colour will work best. Sound farfetched?  Maybe it does; but if you give yourself time to sit and listen to your intuition, it will guide you as to what will work best for the room (s).

2: Big isn’t always better: Just because a room is small and has little natural light, it doesn’t mean you have to decorate it in a light colour. It’s a myth that this will make it look bigger as a lighter colour will simply disappear which defeats the object somewhat! But if you do go for the light route, choose a colour without hints of  blue as it will appear ‘cold’.

eicó Chartwell Grey

Look at eicó ‘Chartwell Grey’ offset it with eicó ‘Painters White’ on all the woodwork and that will look divine. Or look at F&B ‘Dead Salmon’. Also, consider painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls.

Hot tip: In many rooms that I have designed, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls is proven to be the defining statement that gives both the wow and X- factor to a room.

3: Don’t rush: When you have made the decision to decorate, you now have the extensive choice of the many paint colours available. Do not be daunted. If you really don’t know what colour would suit your walls, take a look at interior styles online or flick through a few interior magazines. Take pictures of the space that you wish to decorate. Make your own mood boards. You will find you keep coming back to certain styles, looks and colours.This is where that ‘feeling’ for your space comes into play – rather like when you dress yourself, you know what suits you.

site_0264: Ask the experts: Apart from really knowing their trade, they will be more than happy to guide you. I have always used F&B and Zoffany shades for my clients and have recently added the eicó paint colour range to my favourite brands of choice. I’ve found eicó hues also offer fabulous depth and clarity and because of how the paint is formulated, it is particularly good for sufferers of asthma or any other allergies too.

5: Off the wall: When you have chosen your colours, do not paint samples directly onto your walls. Instead, get A4 paper and paint several sheets as this way, you can place the chosen paint colours in various locations in the room thus having an informed visual clue as to how the shades will perform in varying light. I personally love how one colour can meet at right angles and both walls look very different in their shades.

Do you have any other top tips on giving your home the X-factor? Tell us @eicopaintsCo


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