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No longer restricted to a little girl’s room, paints in pastel hues and candy colours that look good enough to eat can can add a whimsical look to your home interior decor. Eye catching and playful colours of baby blue, sunny yellow, pale pink and pastel green can be easily combined without being overbearing. The light shades of pastel colours promote a calming environment, creating harmony when introducing splashes of invigorating colours to any room.

The freshness of these delicious ice cream shades are also ideal choices for softening and brightening up a room. They open up the space and give an otherwise hard-edged modern room with a sunny or retro feel. If you are aiming for a vintage look or country style appeal, painting your home furniture and accessories with tasteful candy colours will bring about the desired theme into life. Introduce the shabby chic elements of your home like a vintage kitchen cabinet, wooden door handle, hook coat rack, and even antique doors with faded painting job in ice cream shades. This creates a distressed yet quirky look, injecting a distinct appeal that departs from the usual themes used in home design. eicó paints offers a wide selection of sherbet paint colours in eggshell finish that is absolutely ideal in achieving the exquisite shabby chic appeal.

The September 2012 issue of Country Homes & Interiors featured eicó paints for their Pretty in Pink piece. Our pretty Socialite pink was chosen in an eggshell finish and used to adorn a kitchen table for feature. It perfectly suited the soft candy theme the stylist had compiled. A pink palette is not the typical theme for a home design because it can be regarded as feminine. However, with careful planning, pink colour schemes can work successfully in any room setting. Paint in vivid pink can inject an unpredictable, playful twist to the sleek and stylish contemporary room. Use with stainless steel, glass, strong geometric shapes and industrial textures. A light and dusky shade of pink can evoke sophistication, glamour and luxury when paired with home accessories in amber and gold, shimmering glass pieces, all-upholstered chairs, vintage chandeliers and plush fabrics. Pops of pink colour can also make a formal dining room more welcoming, breathe new life to neutral coloured interior and add quirky touch to a country kitchen area. Painting a wooden kitchen table with pink in eggshell finish gives a slightly rustic/distressed look that’s ideal for the country/period home or shabby chic style.

If you are ready to paint and decorate with pretty and delightful ice cream shades, eicó paints offers a varied selection so you won’t have any problem finding your ideal colour.  Browse the 168 colours or why not create a bespoke colour of your choice?

Why not give it a try? More information can be found on our online shop or by contacting one of our many paint specialists.

Pretty in Pink - Painting with ice cream shades - Country Homes & Interiorseicó paints Socialite pink featured in Country Homes & Interiors September issue

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