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We are lucky enough to once again feature within the glossy pages of October’s Country Homes & Interiors magazine under the “Be inspired by…” page.

Here, eicó paints Alterior Matt in Sawdust, Snowdrop and Blossom were suggested to match the colour theme of the reader’s home, a transformed and revitalized Mill. The neutral colour scheme of the paints highlights splashes of vibrant red and purple walls and accessories, adding ‘zing’ to the interior and giving it a more contemporary feel.

The concept of restoring old non-residential spaces and renovating into livable and family-friendly home is not new. Although it can be a challenging feat to undertake, old buildings such as mills, barns, libraries, factories and even churches have been successfully transformed into residential spaces. The design of a converted home is a matter of preference and the architectural style of the building. But remodeling and redecorating a time-worn building into a more impressive design is highly attainable. Whether you’re turning an age-old traditional structure into a minimal contemporary residence or you’re striving for a rustic and country style, careful planning and the right materials will help you achieve your dream design.

Mixing conventional with contemporary style has its own unique charm. While the exterior of a century old building can be preserved, the interior can exhibit a sleek and modern vibe allowing the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary. Introducing colours and textures can make a world of difference on the mood and setting of a place. Any homeowner can experience the best of both worlds with the vast selection of eicó paints in distinct colour choices, suitable for contemporary and country styles alike. A lively accent wall painted in purple or other bright colours gives a refreshing punch that brings an immediate facelift to a room. Vivid and sunny colours in the form of accessories like frames, vases, wall arts and decorative rugs are perfect for achieving a vibrant cosmopolitan vibe.  Bringing modern touches and finishes like glossy tiles, minimalistic furniture, glass doors and bright lights can make a home look elegant and sleek.

For a design that feels relaxed and comfortable, an interior that offers a country style works best. A fresh coat of paint in lighter or neutral colour palette brings that fresh feel to your home.  Add texture and character with vintage furnishings and shabby chic elements painted with eicó’s textured and distressed eggshell finish. Updating the flooring to a rustic hardwood is another classic take to achieve a cosy country vibe

If you’re living in a place that has braved the test of time, witnessed the development and changes of its environment and has retained rich tales and memories, then buying, restoring and renovating  old buildings into a lovely dwelling is one option you can look at. Download our paint colour card to start planning your design colour scheme.

Country Homes & Interiors October 2012 coverage - eicó paintseicó paints Alterior matt in Sawdust, Snowdrop and Blossom

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