Interior Colour Trends of 2015

eico-tins-and-colours-4hWith 2015 now upon us we have been getting together the trendiest colours, interior styles and decoration ideas for 2015, we have put together just some of the interior design colours and styles that you can expect for the year ahead.

Blues are very much in for 2015, we’re talking about bright bold Mediterranean blues and also sea type, turquoise blues. These colours give off calm and peace, working really well in most rooms within the home.

Retro is back with a bang for 2015 (if it ever went away?), big bold retro and vintage colours like burnt oranges, golds and pinks are incredibly popular this year and will work especially well in bedrooms.

Pastel palettes will be popular again, pastel shades of purples and greens will soften a room adding a relaxing and romantic element to a part of a house. If you are looking to make an impact in a room try teaming a pastel colour up with a shocking neon colour to really make a room pop.

Neutral greys, creams and browns are a more stylish interior colour option for 2015, these colours work well for balancing the environment of a home and are often classed as ‘safe colours’ that many people will like, so worth looking at if you are considering selling your home?

A really beautiful interior design style that is very in for 2015 are bold colour combinations, mixing colours like dark or bright reds with off whites and deeper shades of grey, dropping in a splash of black or even a citrus tone or two will work really well.

We then had a chat with our founder of eicó paints, Rishi Subeathar, and these are his predictions for 2015;

“Colours: burnt orange, blush, copper and ruby.”


“Reasons: These trends emerge as the world becomes more and more socially aware thanks to social media and digital communication. Orange is associated with optimism, social communication and adventure, ‘blush’ a more theatrical hue but one that quickly livens the more muted tones and copper offers a safe and grounded accent colour we feel at home with. Other interesting colour trends emerging are derived from an increase in our awareness of Superfoods. Beetroot and berry reds set the deep ruby tone trends, an accent colour which lifts and brings the others to life, beautifully.”

So, these are the top interior colours, styles and ideas for 2015, from various experts of the Interior Design world – what do you think? Which styles and ideas stick out the most to you and which colours do you think you will be trying in your home?

Don’t forget, we have a wide range of colours available and you can always order sample pots from us as well, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly the right colours and styles for your home?

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