Beat those winter ‘blues’ – 4 eicó paint shades guaranteed to brighten your mood

It’s a known fact that the long dreary winter can induce the ‘winter blues’ with a lack of sunlight and exposure to sunlight being to blame.

But certain colours have the ability to brighten your day, but which colours can cheer you up?

DR.C.Maria Keet gives her expert on opinion on the shades most likely to lift the spirits this winter while eicó paints pick the perfect hues to brighten both your mood and your home.


eicó g19 - chawka gulPros: This is a bright cheerful colour closely related to the sun. On dull grey days it cheers you up, makes you more mentally alert and enthusiastic.

Cons: A yellow that’s too bright however could make you restless though.

Try: Use eicó’s beautiful mellow warm hues such as eicó e15 butter, e13 vanilla, e8 sunset and g19 chawka gul.


eicó e23 - jacko lanternPros: Orange is stimulating, motivating colour and one that our brain relates to action and vitality.

Cons: When used excessively it may induce restlessness like a bright yellow.

Try: eico’s warm melting sunset shades: e 22 Moroccan sunset, h18 Riga or e23 Jacko lantern.


eicó h17 - moscowPros: Very stimulating, red excites the brain. Also related with alertness, vitality and excitement. A darker red invokes feelings of richness, the brighter version has “amorous connotations..ideal for Valentine’s day..

Cons: Bright purple can be associatied with agitation.

Try: Earthy spicy reds such as eicó h17 Moscow, k22 moirche palm or a19 plum raisin.


eicó b7 - Pros: Purple is another colour that induces richness and reverence. Pastel purples can trigger soft, romantic soothing feelings.

Cons: Bright purples can sometimes lead to instability and uneasiness. But if you use it as a pastel tint, it is said that purple can trigger soft, romantic feelings; soothing and sedative.

Try: eico’s g4 gypsy’s luck, a shimmering q20 fairytale from the metallic range or a soft whispering b7 lilac.

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