Beaching Up Your Home

UK-beach-hutWith summer fast approaching, you may be looking at different ways of beaching up your home, especially if you have a beach hut or summer holiday home. Here are some top tips for beaching up your home.

Paint your walls white with a5 bone or a2 chalk or with a hint of cream such as u27 apple milk or m3 vanilla white for a clean, bright look and feel to a home then match this with c19 blue yonder or h27 haapsula on the ceiling rafters, window frames and doors.

If you have a porch or entrance hall, paint the ceiling with a20 sea mist or d2 apple as this will make smaller areas seem higher. Remember this is not meant to be a dramatic look so opt for delicate shades as a little colour really can go a long way.

Paint your wooden floors for a whimsical and fun feel to porches or kitchens; you can paint them in striped or a full colour. You may want to consider c18 surf, d9 sage, e13 vanilla, e8 sunset or e27 flower pot for a really nice, beachy and costal style. Although our paints are suitable for the floor we recommend you use floor enamel for additional durability, to keep your floor looking better for longer.

Bring some texture into your home relatively cheaply with sea grass, bamboo and jute as floor rugs or stair runners, this can be a great way of bringing the outside inside.

Woven and bamboo blinds and shades can give a real casual and laid‐back to any room, or even linen blinds and shades of lighter and cooler colours. Many beach hut owners opt for roman shades that are available at relatively low prices and when folded up let in lots of natural light.

Paint salvaged items that you find at car boot sales and junk stores in a bright colour like e18 lemon, e23 jacko lantern, g18 summer plum or g23 mosaic. Don’t worry about the imperfections of items as these will add to the character of the item and the room.

It’s also a good idea to bring the outdoor scents into your home with linen sprays and potpourri, scents of the sea, beaches and summer evenings are always available and ideal to finish off your perfect coastal home.

How are you planning to beach up your home?

Beach Style Patio by South West Architects & Building Designers The Bazeley Partnership
Beach Style Exterior by South West Photographers Harbour View Photography
Contemporary Bedroom by South West Architects & Building Designers The Bazeley Partnership

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