Alan Dodd – A Brush With Genius

Alan Dodd uses eico paints to create a stunning illusion

A house in Suffolk boasting carriage archways, doors and a cat at the window might not seem out of the ordinary. But look again as all is not what it might seem..

Renowned historical designer and mural artist Alan Dodd has cleverly painted the stunning illusion having received a brief from the owners to transform a private 50 foot long wall into something a little more special…

Transform it he has, tirelessly creating stunning effects with intricate detail, a project that took Alan 55 days to finally complete.

Trained at the Royal Academy Schools in fine art with David Hockney as one of his teachers, Alan Dodd’s other work has included surrealist paintings and architectural studies across the UK. The actual concept for this mural was entirely his.

Says Alan, “Every project is different and every architectural setting offers different opportunities. Here, a blank wall has become a structure of beauty and hopefully one to remember!”

Used to working with specialist paints, Alan used environmentally friendly eicó paints for the project supplied from the Paints & Interiors Store in Norfolk. The main stockist for eicó outside London, the brand was suggested by Ben Sturges, friends of the actual now proud mural owners and founder of the store. Ben boasts 20 years industry experience and a degree in Fine Arts & History.

Says Ben, “I knew Alan would require a high quality, durable paint and one that had no visible shine or texture when dry, a must for creating illusionistic murals.”

So how did Alan find painting in the outdoor elements over several months?

“I was quite lucky with the weather, I only has to wear a bin liner on one day”.

He says. As for his thoughts on the project, Alan remains modest. “I can never access a project I have just done, it takes me months to make an opinion but if the client is happy, I am too.”

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