12 Shades of Grey from eicó paints

The book of the moment, 50 Shades of Grey, has certainly proved that grey is no longer a dull word. Here at eicó we’ve set the mood with our very own sophisticated 12 shades of grey…

Often over looked as a paint option, grey is the colour of choice for interior designers, hailed as a fab (not drab) colour choice for interior walls.

Those both wise and daring enough to choose it will certainly be rewarded with a chic and stylish home.

What grey to use? A yellow based grey (h6 Ursula) offers a cosy warmth whereas a blue based grey (012 flint gray) offers a sultry, dramatic but cooler feel, perfect along side warmer soft furnishings hues. Teamed with cream and white trimmings, a darker grey offers a distinctly elegant Scandinavian feel to the home but should you prefer bold, modern interiors, compliment a softer shade of grey with brighter walls, soft furnishings or furniture choices – try accents of red and orange, the effects are incredibly striking.

From rich to soft hues or cool to warm there is a shade of grey to suit whatever mood you wish to create.

We have several options waiting to be explored so order our free eicó colour card and experiment with your perfect shade of grey today.

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