The Times – 10 ways To Rejuvenate Your Home

eicó paints appeared in this article for The Times which offered 10 low-cost, easy to implement redecorating ideas on how you can refresh your home and fall in love with it all over again.

eicó founder Rishi Subeathar gave practical ideas on how to organize and declutter your home. He also offered expert tips on what paint color trend could breath a new life into your home. “Cheerful shades of yellow and orange will be the key palette for this autumn and winter as people try and shake off the economic gloom with a pop of colour. The trend is exotic, warm North African spice for whatever the weather does outside.”

For fans of neutral hues, grey is still of course the new off-white but Rishi tipped on a newly emerging altogether more dramatic trend, “We’re going to see a huge trend in stunning metallic finishes which add a whole new dimension to a room particularly in changing light. Look out for shades of bronze and gold.”

Repainting is an effective way to renew a home painting color that has gone out of style and an economical step to transform any room completely. Choosing the right color paint to suit your style is very important. Depending on your personal taste, there are a variety of paints available.

eicó has 12 shimmering metallic shades to choose from and despite its metallic finish can assure consumers it still contains the some of the lowest of harmful VOC toxins on the market.

Finding the perfect color scheme for your home can be a daunting task. Why not request a free colour card or order our sample tins to view the gorgeous collection of ‘precious metal’ finishes?

Refresh and rejuvenate your home with paints - The Times article | eico paints

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