The Process

At both of our manufacturing plants in Iceland and Sweden, we have overseen the implementation of an exhaustive multifaceted programme to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Most important, this programme is ongoing with ever increasing environmental benchmarks, while simultaneously running R&D programmes to deliver technically advanced  / cutting edge decorative products and specialist coatings.

The programme encompasses raw material sourcing (minimising the use of mineral ingredients), manufacturing (improving formulations to maximise performance and enhancing raw material efficiency) and waste (reducing the overall volume of, as well as recycling as much, waste material as possible).

In doing so, we reduce the exposure to hazardous materials of employees in the manufacturing plants; we reduce the risk to personnel in case of spillage e.g. during transit; we reduce the exposure of our clients in the retail chain both for storage, handling and tinting of our products and, ultimately, we increase the safety of our customers applying the products in commercial and residential environments.

To ensure that we deliver the above process, our Icelandic factory has adopted “green audit” bookkeeping that is overseen by PricewaterhouseCoopers. In our other factory in Sweden, the manufacturing plant is audited by both the EU Flower and Nordic Swan regulatory institutes.