iCan Finishes

iCan Grepp-V

iCan Grepp-V is a complex Acrylic-Alkyd formulation that is like having an entire toolbox in one product given its capabilities as a primer, sealer and undercoat. Most important, it is an adhesion promoting primer, therefore its ability to bond to a huge variety of substrates make it invaluable. For example, iCan Grepp-V will bond to both oil and water based paints and enables the painter to apply oil and water based finishes on top. In addition, it is an interior and exterior grade product that is fully tintable to a multitude of different colours – a must for any serious woodwork, cabinetry or kitchen painter. In spite of iCan Grepp-V’s extensive capabilities, cleaning of brushes can be done with water. iCan Grepp V can be tinted to a whole variety colours to provide the decorator with a ‘tinted’ base that is in ‘close proximity’ to the top coats. Please contact us for further details.

iCan Granit

iCan Granit is decorative finish that is at the cutting edge of coating innovation. Although it is ‘matt’, it has a very high level of wear resistance yet delivers the most subtle velvety texture once dry. This is an extraordinary paint finish. Rare is that iCan Granit is admired as much by clients, due to its durability for very busy family homes, as it is by painters given the superb coverage and ease of application. Despite these impressive performance credentials, iCan Granit has achieved the demanding accolade of accreditation from Allergy UK, because the formulation does not contain either MIT or CIT and is almost VOC free.

iCan Guard MSP

iCan Guard MSP could be a described as a remarkable ‘water’. Formulated specifically for the protection of porous building materials be they limestone walkways, rendered facades, exposed London stock bricks, delicate Venetian plaster finishes or concrete blocks, iCan Guard MSP delivers class leading results. It is an interior and exterior grade protective application for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Many alternative products that deliver this type of protection are solvent based and / or contain silicones; which means they are non-environmentally friendly, have high VOC’s and typically they ‘darken’ the protected surfaces and often leave an unwanted ‘sheen’. In contrast, iCan Guard MSP is waterborne, colourless, odourless, non-toxic and, fundamental to its performance, breathable. iCan MSP has been applied to the facades of some of London’s best known educational establishments, landmarks and private residences.

iCan PYROSTOP 5 Star Fire Retardant

PYROSTOP 5 Star is the ultimate fire retardant for wood and porous materials and is pushing the boundaries of fire protection in some of the most hazardous environments anywhere in the world. Already, PYROSTOP 5 Star has achieved the highest rating for a fire protection coating in Australia BAL 29 (Bushfire Alert Level 29) as well as Euroclass B-s1, d0 fire classification. It must applied to bare wood (new or old), either untreated or fully stripped back but, additional decorative coatings can then be applied after PYROSTOP 5 Star has dried. Suitable for both interior and exterior use for the protection of log homes, timber cladding, floorboards, timber roof tiles, doors and wooden sheets / partitions. Nevertheless, unlike many alternatives, PYROSTOP 5 Star is waterborne, non-toxic, environmentally safe and, particularly important for raw timber, leaves minimal change in colour.

iCan Porslin

The remit for iCan Porslin was to develop a truly professional woodwork ‘finish’ that delivered the highest performance (akin to the oil based eggshells of yesteryear) from a waterborne formulation. A sophisticated assembly of ingredients including polyurethane and acrylic, enables Porslin to deliver an extremely robust finish with a sheen level of less than 20%, i.e. visually stunning. Typically, iCan Porslin’s performance levels are associated with sheen levels closer to Satin but, clients almost invariably demand high durability from much lower sheen levels. This should be a kitchen or cabinetry painter’s first choice for finish excellence and robustness.

iCan MIO

iCan’s MIO is an unusual creation intended to deliver the aesthetic of a ‘powder coated’ finish that can be achieved retrospectively, on site, and at a substantially lower cost. It has all the hallmarks of a solvent based metallic protective coating yet, once again, this is an innovative waterborne acrylic polyurethane composition. iCan MIO is ideally suited to interior and exterior metalwork, windows and doors. If crittall windows are not in your budget, then why not build a timber frame, glaze it and paint the structure with Ican MIO?

iCan Metallic

Metallic paints are typically solvent based. This was the catalyst to formulate a metallic water borne alternative that is both interior / exterior grade.

Available in twelve different colours, iCan Metallic has the ability to add that extra something to a piece of furniture, such as a mirror frame or the legs of a chair. In addition, application of the various light to dark metal grey finishes can transform the aesthetic of a piece of wooden furniture or boxing into something that resembles ‘cast’ metal. iCan Metallic can be applied by brush, roller or (for that factory finish) spray.