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Shaping your Home into a pleasant Experience

At the recent Grand Design Live show in London, three interior designers were asked to create rooms based on three basic design principles, namely function, mood and personality.Using only materials and products available to the general public in either British stores or online, each one of the designers came up with a stunning result. To understand why […]

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Beautiful Hallways to greet Visitors in Style

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes, but what all of them have in common is that they are the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. This, of course, means you want your hallway to not only be bright and beautiful, but welcoming and warm. Interior Designers and Hallways Most top interior designers agree […]

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Grand Design, Inspirational Ideas and eicó

  Spring/ summer 2013 are upon us, and with it we see nature at its best – a time for new beginnings, growth and development. The grey landscape of winter is finally transformed into an ocean of colour, and traditionally, this is the best time to bring fresh new colours into your home. Grand Design […]

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