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Paint Colours For The Direction of Your Room

In previous articles we have spoken about choosing paint colours to suit the shape and size of the room, the personality of the home and the colour of the year, but in this article we are going to be telling you about the colours to use dependant on which way your room is facing. Many […]

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Painting A Teenagers Bedroom? Here’s how to please them …

Teenager’s bedrooms can often be the hardest room in the house to paint, but actually it’s not all that bad. Here at eicó paints we have a wide range of paint colours that may just raise a smile from the most sullen or hormonal teenager! Teenagers are coming to that age when they know it […]

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Want To Paint Like A Pro?

You don’t need to be a professional painter to be able to paint like a pro – here are some top tips to get you painting your home like a pro in no time at all; It may be tempting to skip the priming to speed the job up but don’t do it. Primer provides a […]

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The Easter Bank Holiday Is Coming, Bring on The Rain, Chocolate and DIY!

When it comes to the Easter Bank Holiday there are three things that are almost guaranteed, it is very likely it will rain, you will be surrounded by chocolate wherever you go and it is extremely likely that DIY will be on the Easter Bank Holiday agenda! The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is the well-known […]

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Pantone Colours for Spring 2015 – Haute Couture for your home

As spring is fast upon us, we thought we would share the Pantone spring colours from the world of fashion. Whether you are looking to redesign your wardrobe or redecorate your abode, these colours are worn well by homes and people alike. For spring there is a strong move towards the colour and softer hues of […]

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How Does Paint Colour Affect Your Child?

Here at eicó we are often talking to new parents about the many benefits of using our paint as well discussing paint styles, patterns and even layouts of the nursery itself. Every parent worries, it’s normal – so here is an article that will help you choose the right colours for your babies’ nursery. White is […]

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Painting the Fifth Wall

Homeowners are always looking for new, exciting and different ways to decorate their homes and because of this the way we decorate our homes is changing. Nowadays, it’s not just about painting the four walls of the room in various colours and shades, the floors (also known as the ‘fifth wall’) are getting a makeover […]

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Why Only Paint The Inside Of Your Home?

Here at eicó paints we have a wide selection of paints for the exterior of your homes, our exterior paint is one of the most durable on the market, ideal for homes exposed to the bad weather, sea and other elements. However, choosing the right exterior paint for your home can be tricky so we […]

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Welcoming Hall Ways

We enter our homes everyday through our hall ways, we welcome people into our homes through the hall way and this is the place where you can really set the scene of what to expect from your home. The hall way is the part of the house that welcomes you back into your home after a long […]

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50 Shades of Grey – For Your Home

With the release of the 50 Shades of Grey film , we thought we would take this chance to tell you how the gorgeous shades of grey we have, can work in your home. Grey can cosy up will in the home, to create a cool and calm feeling throughout, but how can you use […]

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