What are VOCs and why are they harmful?

Volatile Organic Compounds is the collective term for any organic compound having an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250°C measured at a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa. Though not all VOCs are harmful, the term is predominantly associated with chemicals generated from burning fuel, oil, gas and diesel exhausts or emitted from paints, solvents and glue. The procedure occurs when liquid turns solid – which happens when paint dries. These chemicals can linger for several weeks after application.

VOCs are not only harmful to the environment, forming ground-level ozone or smoke and thus contributing to the climate change, but to humans and animals as well. In particular the chemically sensitive, asthma sufferers, those with respiratory problems, eye, nose and throat irritations or allergies are at risk when exposed to newly painted areas. With some of the compounds being listed as carcinogens they aren’t exactly healthy to anyone else either.

Fortunately there is hope.

eicó’s Zero VOCs range does not only offer a superior finish to interior walls but, as you may have guessed from the name, it reassuringly contains no harmful VOCs whatsoever.

With independent tests concluding eicó Zero VOC contains 0% VOCs, we can all benefit from using them in our homes, schools, hospitals and offices. eicó Zero VOC also offers complete peace of mind for parents, being the perfect choice when decorating children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Despite its green credentials, this paint with a conscience does not compromise on quality but offers an extensive colour palette to suit you.

Watching paint dry may still bore you to death but now it won’t literally kill you.

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